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What tyre do you run

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Will be purchasing some new tyres soon and am contemplating between Eagle F1 Asymmetrics or Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. Anyone have any experience with either and what did you think of them.
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black rubber ones do me great man, everywhere seems to stock them too. :p

i found T1R's to be very very good so far, everything else ive put on have been crap, then again i have continentals on the rear now and seems to be alright too, not as grippy as the T1R's but not far off either
Got T1S's on mine and there amazing, had some cheapo ones on my old skyline cant remember the brand and they made the car undriveable in the wet.
yea i run T1R's also and they work great i will only use them from now on at least on my front. i have used quite a few diffrent tires in the back but the keep blowing out while sliding so still workin on that
i really dont rate michelins tyres at all. i had continental sport contact 3's on my 08 mondeo (the work horse 140bhp 2.0 tdci with tuning box up to 150bhp and extra 50nm torque) and they grip amazing in the wet and dry but aint to good in the snow. my mate running with eagle f1 assymet's on his rb26dett r33 and he seems quite happy with them so far but not really had a chance to REALLY test them out as yet. Personally between the two i would take the eagles every time
Pilot sport PS2's everytime. Hands down.
Old F1's were the dogs no question, but the new ones I didn't think were anywhere near as good, very disappointed. See if JDM have any tyres, I got some made by a company called CLEAR, look lovely, seem OK, just got a bit lively in the wet and grease yesterday but other than that they seem fine and only 50 quid a corner for 18 265's ! :)
I use Falken 452's they seem to be good wet or dry.
Toyo T1R's too. Really happy with them inboth wet & dry conditions. Paid £100 per corner so not badly priced either. I will probaly try the Falken 452's next to compare as these seem to get good feedback as well.
Toyo T1Rs up front - 235/40/18

Nexen3000 on the rear - 255/35/18

running at 32psi

Suprised at the Nexen, covered a few half track days and they seem to be good, when warmed up they tend to grip well

next set of tyres will be Good Year Eagle F1s, mental grip on them
I'm running nexen n3000's in the back too, can't fault em for the price 265/35/18
I'm running nexen n3000's in the back too, can't fault em for the price 265/35/18
im running alot more power through the rear wheels since the track days, they spin up nicely now lol but only if you want them to
Bridgestone Potenzas, either RE050 or S02's. Aston Martin use em on their cars so its good enough for my motor :) I've always liked em myself anyway, last well and give excellent grip in all conditions.
Was running Michelin Pilot Sport II on my R34 and they were brilliant in the dry. I did not like them too much in the wet though. They were not really bad but just didn´t like them too much in wet conditions.

Changed my rims on the R34 and went bigger and wider, so bought new tyres too. Did LOTS of research in the net, in magazines, independent tests, tyre specialists etc and in the end decided to go for Hankook S1 Evos. A fantastic tyre with very very good grip in the dry and very good behaviour in the wet too. It really is the perfect street tyre for me (if you don´t drive in snow)! It has blwon away pretty much every other high performance street tyre in all the tests. And it´s reasonably priced too. Paid less than you would pay for a set of T1Rs.

Of course you can get even better grip in dry or wet, but you would defo have to go for semi slick or proper rain tyre then which in my eyes is no option. Well the semi slick might be actually, but didn´t want something that was gonna let me down in rain completely.

On my GTR I have the Michelin Pilot Sports II too and they´re still in very good condition so I will keep them till they´re worn and then see what I can come up with. Maybe going for Hankooks on the GTR too then. Or maybe even trying something completely different to see what else can be get with good performance for reasonable money.
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Think Im gonna go for the F1's as the Michelins are pretty expensive and I aint that flush with cash at the moment.
452 all round,the Kumho KU31 are good too,best i have ever used were P-Zeros
Have just put a set of Michelin Pilot sports on the Stagea, am liking a lot so far.

Had Continental sport contact 2 on the GTT, were ok but spun up the back wheels very easy in damp.

Have also run Falken 452s on GTST and GTR, very good for the money.
I use Bridgestone Potenzas, S02's. A friend of mine found they had 8 in stock :)
im running Bridgestone potenza RE050A.

if you do get some of these make sure they have the (A) on the end. it does make a difference.
il be looking for a ser of tyres soon. i dont really need phenomenal grip but im looking for something that will last and has not bad performance. i had a set of part worn yokohama a509 i think on my civic before and they lasted longer than any brand new cheap set of tyres.
what you guys reccomend?
next set of tyres will be Good Year Eagle F1s, mental grip on them
Wet, dry, snow, muck, they are the best all round tyre and offer brilliant grip.
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