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that'll be for the pair, i paid around that and i had the cheapest around, for a skyline its much easier to pay a few quid extra than fit the long stud version by getting the bolt on ones, its a 5minute job to stick them over your original studs the stuck your wheel over that

you have to muck around with seized hub bolts etc if you don't :eek:

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just rang pete at pps and he said the the type were you replace the stud and they £170 a pair!!
any one got some ones were the studs dont need replacing and the spacer bolts to the hub that are around 25-30mm in used conditon for a set of 4x for around £100??
let me know

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My 10p worth.........

Wheel spacers-
4-6mm is fine,any more is asking for serious trouble...:thumbsdown:
30mm.........:nonono: :nonono:
1650kgs of rear wheel drive power = overloaded bearings/wishbone ball joints.

Best solution:
Sell your stock wheels(or aftermarket "skinnys"),buy correct offset wheels.

R33GTS-T best set up-

Fronts:8.5" wide 17" or 18"
Rears:9.5" wide 17" or 18"

Tyres 35 or 40 profile(don't go for 45 profile,they are cheaper,but will rub on top arms).
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