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Hi Chris

you need to make sure the rolling radius is within 2pc front to rear ..this is so importaint as it will knock your diffs out quickly....

I can get 10 x 18,s front and rear cheaper than the rotas and they have old school polished rim with perfect offsets ..

im a sea on armed security till tues so i can get a price for you if your interested buddy

cheers Gaz

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now i could tested out how much the wheels have to come out to fit the wide bodykit (i have made some pictures of it but will upload them later)
front should be around 6cm and rear have to be about 10 - 11cm out and i actually have some wheel spacers on my car, so i am pretty sure i need some new wheels as for front wheels i could find some 100mm wheel spacers but as rear goes i should nees 120 - 130mm wheel spacers at all lol (biggest size i've seen was 100mm wheel spacers)
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