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After some extensive thinking and testing I have come to the conclusion that my turbo is buggered. :disappointed:

I want to know where to send it and how much it will cost to have it tested.

The blades all look fine so I am guessing that the bearings are slightly nackered. I do alot of drifting and I know the sump baffles are not that great so perhapse oil starvation have caused the problem?

I have posted on this subject before so you can see why I have come to this conclusion.

I had my r33 gts mapped to run 1.1 bar with the spec at the bottom of the page. However just recently I have not been able to get more than 0.7 bar of boost.

The car seems to run fine at lower boost but won’t get over 0.7 bar. Even if I remove the boost line to the actuator the car will noot boost past 0.7. Initially I thought it was a boost leak but I tested the system up to 1.2 bar with a compressor (blocked the intake) and it held 1bar of boost with no problems. I have checked the preload on the actuator and tested to boost controller and all seem to be working fine. I am running out of options, has my turbo got a mechanical problem, there seems to be no other option. Wastgate penny is working fine!

Dyno’d at 357.5 at the hubs running 1.1 bar.

HKS induction kit,
HKS intercooler and piping,
HKS downpipe,
De cat,
Blitz realise tt straght through cat back,
Custom aluminium intake pipe,
Sard 550cc injectors,
HKS GT2535 turbo,
Z32 Afm,
Blitz electronic boost controller,
Sard R2D2 BOV,
Apexi power fc and commander,
NKG Iridium plugs – 0.7mm
Walbro 955 fuel pump

Cheers Dan 07979 50 70 80

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Closest place to you bud is probably turbo dynamics in christchurch in dorset their number is 01202 487497 not sure on price but there be able to tell you and give you advice on why it happened if there is a problem.
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