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Which one is better??

  • Skyline R32

    Votes: 12 21.4%
  • Skyline R33

    Votes: 24 42.9%
  • Skyline R34

    Votes: 15 26.8%
  • Skyline R35

    Votes: 5 8.9%

  • Total voters
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Hey guys and girls i made this thread because i have always wonder whats better....A R32,R33,R34 and im going to add in the R35.

So yeh take the poll guys.


Jammy Git
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It depends what you mean by better?

I've voted R33 (GTST) because in my opinion this is why it's better.

Looks: GTST has smoothest & cleanest lines of all generations.

Age & Simplicity: As a compromise it is more modern than the R32 but doesn't have too many gadgets that newer cars suffer from. Clearly far superior than the R35 in the simplicity stakes.

Tunability: No real edge here over R32/R34 but the RB25 DET is a good engine and has one less turbo to worry about but can still get massive power. But beats the R35 hands down if tinkering is your thing.

Other Mods: As above.

I want and easy & relatively cheap car to mod & have fun with - so it's an R33 GTST!

White/carbon r34
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gta b the r34
y not roshambo for it.
if u remember it from school its the game where u take it in turns to kick each other in the balls to settle an argument.
first one to fall looses.

Tyne/Wear/Tees Arse Rep/Gtr Shop Rep
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34 for looks which i have lol

but for driving non compare to the 32, i have had a 32, 33 and 34 and the 32 really does lead the pack as the drivers car

Tigers eat tyres
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and i'd take the R34 GTT over an R33 so its all personal taste. At the end of the day they are all great cars.

If i could have any though i guess it would be the R34 GT-R NISMO Z-tune or M Spec Nur II as they are the rarest of the 34's which are my personal favourites of the skyline line.

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im going to start up a poll so we can find out how long a piece of string really is

twice the length from the middle to the end!

anyway i cant see how you can vote when people have not had all the cars, I would like to vote for r35 but as i have not owned one i can only vote for what i have driven.
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