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Hi guys, i am feeling a little indecisive about which steering wheel to buy to replace the sparco one that i have.

I want the steering to match the interior which is going to be black and grey, so just wanted your opinions please.

I have narrowed it down to 3 contenders which are:

Momo Race

Momo Tuner
Momo Jet


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which steering wheel

ok guys this is interesting because i have just started the next thread about the same issue if ye all could give your opinion, i have lovely pictures too, nicer than saintsman,:D see all those rumours were true , we are a right load of bitchin D******S on this site, im fed up with ye all , i'm going joining that other shower of C***S :grinno: :grinno: :grinno: :grinno: :grinno:
joking, joking,please have a look at next thread....calm down now saintsman!!!

kieran murphy
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