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friday morning i did this ..

bottom of my street is a t junction with a a narrow back street at the end. 5.30 am big patch of ice and a stone wall at about walking speed ...buggery.

supposed to be selling the car next week.

the lucky think was id aranged to borrow my mates workshop on friday afternoon to swap welded diff back to standard for the new owner. so once id done the swap i had chance to play about with the front end..

corner of bonet is dented and the wing is heavely scuffed.

i recon i can spend this week with a bit of filler making it good again..

so anyone got a drivers side headlight? (r33 spec 1 gtst)

and whats the best way to go about repainting that corner? to be honest the whole bumper could do with a blow over as well..

are rattle cans an option? or is it a bodyshop job?

is paint available off the shelf to match?

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Ok thats not bad and depends if you want to go about to remove that wing and bonnet and do it off the car as takes 5mins to take the wing and bonnet off the car and can either try yourself or have a spray shop do it.

Your paint code is on the Vin plate on the left of the bulk head.

Im doing a whole front end on my old car for the new owner as he had a slight acident in it and most of the parts all unbolt and well except front panel and main panels as they are spot welded on but still with a spot weld drill bit and a bit of time its all possible to remove these bigger bits etc.

All depends on your budget or try and find a wing and bonnet in same colour and just change them over. Try JDM on here. Has loads of spares etc.
well the guys coming to look at it tomorrow ive given him the choice's of

forgetting it and finding another car
waiting for me to fix it
or taking it as it stands and fixing it himself, with a reduction in price..

car wasnt a minter to start with, it never was that sort of car.. oly ever had money spent on bits that improved preformance. so im not going to be spending loads on tarting it up and then selling it for peanuts..

guess ill wait till i meet him tomorrow and see what he thinks..

he's a member on here and he's allready been sent pics of the damage so he's fully aware of everything.

i did ring jdm and they have yet to ring me back.. also put a post in parts wanted section..
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bad luck that happening just before you were selling it. at least its not to badly damaged.

the guys just been to look at it, took him out for a quick spin.

and hes having it..

the deal is i put a new headlight in and get 12 months mot on it and he will deal with the rest of the damage..

so i really need a drivers side headlight.........

someone must have one kicking about that isnt stupid money...

please :0)
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cheers i looked at that myself earlyer today.. 95 quid with a snapped bracket sounds expensive to me when there are guys on here selling a pair for 100 quid..

but i do apreciate you looking for it..

my dead line is mid week as car is booked in for an mot on friday..

thanks again bud... :0)
hey Si what you planning on getting next then?
dont laugh anthony but i wanted somthing small and nippy so i can actually enter comps i can aford like auto solos..

upshot of this is im part exing mine for a suzuki swift gti

800 kg 100 bhp stock 1.3 engine they rev to 8,500 with minor mods and are very tunable..

wait till ive had it a bit and got it sorted and ill bring it along to a trackday and scare all the skyline boys to death lol..

plus its cheap insurance and im looking at 9 points :0(
hey I'm not laughing mate - I've considered getting myself a little starlet - 1.3tub - got took out for a spin in one and was laughing my socks off with its performance and go kart handling! not tried a swift gti but I'm betting that they're spunky too and I'm sure you'll be grateful of the fuel savings heh!

dunno if you know but missus and I moved to newton between warr (j23 off m6 and then about 3 turnings heh).. nice new build with double car garage so I'll be doing serious tuning work to my car from march onwards. You'll have to come over for a brew and check it out when I get the garrett tub on :)
deal anthony.. your bird allways spoils me with food and brews when i visit so im well up for that..

those starlets are little rockets

the swifts can be turboed to well over 200 bhp ..shame the gearboxes are made out of cheese.. but im sure there are ways round that problem..
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