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Will Rb26 manifold fit rb25

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reason for asking i looked around but can't seem to find a top mound manifold for rb25det with t4 flange, but i can get top mount manifold with the t4 flange for the rb26. will this fit?:attention:
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Many manifolds made the the rb26 are dual bolt pattern but you would have to confirm that visually. The 20/25 have a couple holes reversed.

you can see here on the full race manifold. the runners with 4 holes are what i am talking about. 20/25/26 compatible flange

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thats actually my desktop pic :D
thanks icydude will remember that and that manifold looks nice :)
Full race manifolds/turbos are great bits of kit.. the standard of work is astonishing. Very pricey though
owen developments do them or they did though
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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