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Wire Colours for The Following Please.

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Pins: 41 - 42 (CAS)

Pins: 51 - 52 (CAS)

Pins: 49 - I know the final pins are ground for what I need: Pins 50 -60.

If anyone can jot down what colour the above wires are for me on an R33 GT-R (non v-smeg) 95' I'd appreciate it.

Have searched but found install threads only. :)
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Bump please guys, This will help me and alot of other people who'll want a reference to installing Bee R rev limiters PROPERLY. :)
afaik its the same as a gtst
I know the ECU plug is the same, Offset to the left of the bolt (IIRC) but it's just those colours for the CAS 1* Signal and the 120* signal the power and earth are simple.
what i mean is if the plug is the same then the wire colours should be the same too and there in the thread on here or in other threads about the beeR*
Have already searched. But will search again now Ian. :)

Found THIS: :D

I have that one in my bookmarks toolbar Ian. :cheers:
there was one i think by puntogtkid asking as his didnt work and someone posted up the colours in that but i cant find it

have a look at that and at the last post as it says wire colours for the gtst which im sure the gtr is the same as i have heard of power fc's for the gtr being used on gtst's so the wire's must be the same
Yep Bookmarked that one too. ;)
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