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Wish my Skyline can do this !!!

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Check this out : :ylsuper::ylsuper::ylsuper:

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Holy smoke batman.:death:
Holy smoke batman.:death:
+1 That was a little crazy lol!
see what i mean when i say rb is pish lads?
see what i mean when i say rb is pish lads?
deep pockets there! lol
bloody hell, i wonder what power thats running.
:bigthumb: love the sound of a V8.. best sounding engine imo :D
to quote clarkson:


and thats the end of that chapter would love to know what power that things got
Did anyone else notice his butterfly wasn't even a quarter open! :eek:
All I see is smoke. Where's the car? :eek7:
Just realised, he turned it straight off after that.
Driver = Steven Loader
Engine = V8 supercharged
BHP ~ 1000bhp
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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