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Wolfrace Sharks at a good price

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Mrs Raiser got me a set of these for my Birthday -because the ones on the car are a bit tired.

Bargain of the year........ and no I don't work for them. ...... Just need to save up for Falken 452's now.

When I spoke to the chap on the phone he said they were clearing stock - so if you want some looks like you need to be quick.:cheers:
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nice wheels
Some right good prices there. Think I may be about to buy some innovit vortexs!
You've cost me a fortune! ***** Lol
Thats a good price, arnt they already on the car? looking at your avatar picture.
Same as mine, I think they look smart! I am waiting for sow falkens to come in stock at my garage! 245/35/18 had front tyres don't last week. All good
Wolfrace is like the diadora of wheels...

Not come across any i like..
thats a fantastic price, fair play mate nice wheels
I have a set of Ultralite twins which are the same style as these. Also saving for tyres! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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