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2.8 HKSステップ3 、
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What do you lot reckon a car like this is worth

97 car
R34 18" Alloys with Conti Sport tyres ( to be negotiated)
20mm wheel spacer for the R34 alloys
DBA 324mm dics fronts
DS2500 brake pads all round (spare set of DS3000 pads )
Bilstien Suspension (Blue)
Bilstien lowered springs
16 row oil cooler with remote filter application
Trust Down pipes
HKS Cat replacment
HKS Hyper Muffler
HKS hard pipe kit
HKS turbo elbows
Pace Intercooler
Apexi Power Fc
Apexi Boost controll kit
Apexi Hand control unit
Apexi Fuel pump
Apexi Induction
Apexi 660 Injectors
264 Inlet HKS Cams
272 Outlet HKS Cams
1.2mm head gasket
HKS adjustable cam pulleys
HKS Irridium Plugs
HKS 2530 turbo's
HKS uprated Actuators
Nismo Fuel Regulator
Nismo Con Rod Bolts
Nismo Con Rod Bearings
New piston Rings
New cam and Crank Seals
Other features include :-
Nismo Clutch
Lightened & balanced Crank
Lightened & balanced Flywheel
Nismo Quick Shift

Custom coloured cam covers, inlet and outlet Manifolds
Carbon GTR Rear spoiler trims,
Clear Nissnan Skyline Rear panel
CarbonB-post trims
Nismo Rear bumper quarters
Nismo 400R front Splitter
Nismo Clear front Indicators
Clear Side indicators
Zenon HID front lights
Nismo White dial kit
Momo gear knob etc
GTR mats set
Pioneer Cd player and upgraded speakers. (140w 2way fronts)
Clifford Concept 600 with Remote start / Turbo timer / window and Mirror closure

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more than the pickey get who'll end up buying it will give you for it mate! have you thought about maybe part exing it at a decent garage/importer, you may loose a grand or so but at least it'll be sold mate?

D1 and Only
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This one is on auto trader sounds a bit like your spec...(But your one is 2 years newer!)

Midnight Purple Excellent Condition FSH Volk TE37 18" Wheels. Tuned to over 570BHP with #20K+ of top quality parts by No1 GTR specialist. CAT1 + Tracker. No expense spared on upgrades and maintenance. Huge spec list inc. upgraded turbos, intercooler, manifold, fuel system, exhaust, intake, plugs, PowerFC, afm's, clutch, flywheel, springs, AP Brakes, gaskets etc Reluctant sale to fund wedding. £21000 . 69000 miles. £21000 .

Still don't know what a car is realy like till you look at it up close, being yours is in A1 condition i would hold out for what you want for it. cos i think it's well worth what your asking and if i had the $'s i would buy it off ya .....

Good luck


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A fcuked GT4 and a packet of chrisps!

Wasnt Welch's car of a similar spec to yours, i know he's was not as 'tidy' though. What did he sell his for mush. What happened to the phone call you had last night?
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