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hi guys lookin for some help as im stumped

so the problem is I have built myself a simple little drift missile but the response is *weird*?
say I whip a couple of nuts then go to snake off as soon is I blip the gas off then hard back on it dies as if a total cut then comes back on perfect again but by then traction is gained and its all over. same thing winding out a gear and changing up, rev all the way (no tach yet) smash next gear.... biiiig dead spot , foot still firmly planted, one or two tiny ignitions then back on song no missing sluttering nothing, ruining my skids, :Uzi:

so guess I shood drop a mod list

c33 laurel originally rd28 diesel manuel
c34 rb25de wired in like factory, knock sensors, acc valve valve everything works , even hooked up the start signal wire
stainless 3-1 extractors into 3" exhaust with 1 hi flow muffler
pod filter with cold air box, doesnt have a feed into it , is just blocked off from engine bay and taking air from behind the light etc
diesel flywheel p plate, clutch and gear box
fuel is a 30l fuel cell with surge tank, hi vol pump into tank and a vl rb30 efi pump to motor, still running factory flushed diesel hard lines, (small return) and using the fatory fuel pressure reg thing on the return, (I assume that's what it is)
plugs are iridims and gaped to.8

any help would be great, this makes it no fun to drive :disappointed:
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