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A young local guy imported an R32 GTR V-spec this year thining that when he turned 21 his insurance would drop (ha ha ) but unfortunatley it hasn`t. I have had a look at the car and its pretty tidy with some nice goodies although the interior is a bit tatty. As for the v-spec claims it has the fins on the rear dif cover but then again so does mine. It has an upgraded IC, exhaust,ECU,Boost contoller, various gauges (exhaust temp,boost etcetc). He has never had it looked at by one of the specialists so can only go on the acclaimed figures of 450bhp when he imported. I have seen the car and he runs it every day and whilst not an expert it seems pretty sound throughout. To cut a long story short, he is owe his parents money as he has had to buy a more sensible car due to insurance and running costs and so is selling the vehicle, now here`s the good bit!!
As he is desperate to sell he is offering it to a good home for the price of £8500 ono!!! H plate, 50,000 miles.
Drop me a note if anyone is interested

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