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Well as the title suggests the ball has finally got rolling to getting my first skyline, i've got bank forms coming out in the post and have work out the fianances. I decided in the end i wanted to import one and the first uk owner.
I'm using a company called private imports in scotland who came recommended by a friend, the customer service so far has been fantastic and they are very patient.
i'm going for an R32gtst, I've got a soft spot for the old school cars lol. Anyway going to be ordering at the end of this month when all loans etc are cleared though so will be choosing a car then, Dave private imports sent me these pics and if it's still available then it'll be this:

And big thanks to everyone here whos put up with all my questions so far, no doubt i'll be asking a lot more when i get the car though. :drivin:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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