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yep im new lol

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hey guys new on here,member on gtroc same user name.
Just wanna say hi. i drive a R33 GTR and live in mansfield ( uk )
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Big welcome from me! Get your name down for the skyline parade!!
cheers guys will be seeing you at the meets

Hey welcome along

Get pictures up of your car :)
and be at the skyline parade :D
were do u find info of the skyline parade. i put some pics up now on my profile and on the new garage thing..

welcome ot the forum buddy :)

for info go about half way down the forum and you will see SHOWS/ then under that there are the regions.

but click on the word shows and there will be a link in there regarding the parade.
welcome Dan, skyline parade info in my sig
Welcome to the club - Just checked out the pics nice and clean mate :)
nice one mate thanks for that im sure ill be goin looking forward to it

welcome to the club get some pics up.
Hi a very warm welcome to the club buddy. Be great to have another Skyline on the list. Would you fancy becoming a world record holder, and doing your first national show? If you fancy this checkout this thread, and PM me asap.
Enjoy your stay with us mate, Cheers.
Welcome to the forum Dan, good to see you got yourself registered! Great to meet you last Saturday, lovely clean example of a 33 gtr you have! Send b3csy a message. Shes our area rep and will keep you up informed about local meets and events.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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