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Your imput

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Want your imput guys on what parts you'd be interested in as a group buy? Recently done a nismo injector gb on sxoc and a wind deflector gb on s15oc both with great success. Would you be interested in suspension parts from brands such as ikeya formula or cusco, front mount intercoolers kits greddy, blitz or hks or oem parts etc?
Look forward to hearing your imput and feed back.
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Anybody got any suggestions on what theyd like to see imported over?
Boost controllers maybe like the new greddy OELD one?
Was gonna see what suggestions I got then put one up. Can do ecu's quite easily as they are light so shipping a few wont be an issue.
I can look into inlets aswell.
I'd like some cheap 550 injectors

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Im running a group buy on nismo 555cc & nismo 740cc injectors on the sxoc. So im more than happy to include you in that one unless theres a few interested and ill start one on here.
555cc × 6 would be £510 delivered to your door including all taxes
740cc × 6would be £530 delivered to your door including all taxes
Can also supply new O rings for £30
Thats cheap for new :)
Can look for second hand items for you.
That's not cheap though :)

I was thinking more like 3 350 :)

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I can do 4 at £340 but not 6. Cost more than that just to buy them new from nismo :-(
Any RB25 shortshifters? :)
Theres the nismo one but thats stiffens up feel rather than reducing throw.
Can see if attain or gt1 motorsport still make them
OK that's cool I'll give you a shout once my roll cage is in thanks :)

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No problems :)
Nismo seems to be the only one available. Checked with all known brands that do shifters for other models and cone up blank. Can get you a costing on the nismo ones.
I'd be interested in the greddy oled ebc if you did a group buy, and the d/a gauges as well.
Ill look into prices for 5 as these have been a popular ordered item.
I'd like to see the title of the thread changed to "Your Input". Don't mean to be a dick but it doesn't fill a potential customer with confidence seeing a speeding mistake in the title.
I do apologise for my speeding mistake I've been using my phone over the last week due to moving house so no internet. But rest assured my spelling has no reflection on the quality of the service we provide.
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