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Z32 AFM, R35 injectors for sale

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I have for sale a genuine 300ZX Z32 AFM used but good condition £95 posted.

Also have a used set of genuine R35 GTR top feed injectors, these run about 570 or 580cc and are high impedance. Direct fit for R34 GTT and good for 500bhp SOLD

Only for sale as I am going a different route with my car :)

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If it's not already sold I'll def have the z32 mate.
Pmd you.
Send me PayPal details and I'll pay no prob
Z32 is still available
I too am going a different route

Free bump for an honest seller

ill take the injectors mate
ill pm You
Injectors sold

Z32 still available

Don't suppose you still have this do you?
Sorry, the z32 is sold now
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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